What is the GasBag™?

The times they are changing. We often hear about the 'butterfly effect' but now have first-hand experience of how one batty mistake in a single wet market somewhere can lead to a global pandemic. To energize the transition to safe, saaf and sanitized public spaces SAAF Energy is proud to launch the GasBag™, the world's first Commercial and Community centred "Biogas plant in a Kit".

Equipped with an easy, modular, plug and play, jigsaw puzzle installation design and Enabled for last mile door delivery, the GasBag™ helps you take charge of and 're-charge' your wet market, wet kitchen and wet waste at the click of a button.

The GasBag™ - A┬áMultidimensional Product


Half the price, double the ROI!

Door-Delivered, Ready to Install Kitchen Waste to Kitchen Stove Biogas Kit

Simple, User-Friendly & Maintenance-free

Food waste liquified at source - no weight-lifting of bins and bags!

24/7 Service Helpline Support

Modular, Scalable & Portable

Benefits of GasBag™

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