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Waste Bin Tipping station, key features:

Designed to suit 80L, 120L, 140L, 180L, 210L and 240L Bins as per En 840 standards.

Fully automatic with Electro-Hydraulic system.

Can take one bin or two bins at a time.

Can have mobile (on wheel) or fixed (on civil foundation) station.

Our Waste Bin Tipping Station is a prime example of our commitment to sustainability, reliability, and affordability in the energy sector. By automating waste management processes and utilizing biogas technologies, we help to reduce waste and lower carbon emissions, while also providing a reliable and cost-effective source of energy. Join us in energizing society with our innovative solutions today!

Membrane biogas upgradation system, key features:

Membrane system produces - Consistent purity, recovery of Methane (CH4) and even maintains dew point of above -65 Deg C, i.e., consistently achieving purity of above 95-96% CH4 in output gas and slippage of CH4 in CO2 less than 3%.

Membranes comes with up to 8-10 Years of life,

Zero replacement cost in membrane system for 4-6 years,

No water and chemical required; semi-skilled manpower can operate the membrane system as it is totally PLC / Relay controlled system.

Membrane system is flexible to operate & it can operate between 25% to 100% of plant capacity with consistent output quality.

CH4 & CO2 purity and recovery : 95% to 97% with 2 stage system and upto 99% with 3 stage system.

Power required to upgrade biogas to CBG and bottle at 250 bar – 0.35 KWH / M3 biogas in Membrane system

SAAF Membrane System is containerized : Plug & Play



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